Thursday, March 11, 2010

DVD Source Code VB

DVD Source Code VBFor those of you who need the source code to compile VB TA or for learning, we provide a DVD VB source code. This DVD contains hundreds of VB source code that you can use for reference or for learning TA. This DVD also contains the programs and supporting components to the source code in it can run well.

In addition this DVD also contains ebook of Visual Basic programming. Very suitable for those of you who are up TA using VB programming, and for those of you who want to learn Visual Basic This DVD is also very suitable for you.

Here are some VB source code in this DVD:

* Information Systems Acceptance of New Students
* Library Information System
* Pharmacy Information System
* Payroll Information System
* Inventory Information System
* Service Vehicle Information System
* SIM Sales
* SIM Rumah Sakit
* SIM Employee Data
* SIM Hotel
* Internet Station (Warnet) Billing
* Sms Gateway
* Source Code Viruses
* Anti Virus Source Code
* Source Code Multimedia
* ETC ..

Much, Much More source code in it.

Source code comes from the local non-local and which I have collected to take a long time.

Now you no longer need to search for or download here and there that are draining your time and cost for your internet connection. You just simply replace the DVD with the price of Rp. 150.000, -.